neo+uno was started by Hemal to help formalize the freelance work that he started doing for his select clients. Hemal is an experienced professional, having worked for more than 14 years with various brands and loves to design. When he coined the name neo+uno, he was thinking about his lovely daughter and his no. 1 priority.

Hemal Shah,

Chief Strategist and Consultant

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, specializing¬† in Management and is a certified Digital Marketing expert. He lives in suburbs of Mumbai, and is originally from southern part of India. He has worked with companies like Accenture, Royal Bank of Scotland (erstwhile ABN AMRO), YonEarth and in doing so has interacted with many brands across various domains.

Fun fact: Hemal is banned from cooking, because he creates a mess after he is done!

Cool fact: He loves reading, and blogs at Indianomics.

Annie Rajan

Technical Architect

Annie is a true-blue Mumbaikar, scoring a Bachelor’s degree in Science, followed by a Masters in Computer Applications. She has been involved with various technical projects, including with XBRL platform.

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